Mission: The mission of MARSOC Religious Ministry Team (RMT) is to enhance morale and strengthen the moral, spiritual, personal, and religious resiliency of MARSOC personnel and their families. Chaplains provide religious services, facilitate for other faith groups, care for all regardless of religious preference, and advise the command in matters of religion, morale, and spirituality. In addition, Chaplains offer confidential pastoral care and counseling to all command personnel and their family members.


MARSOC Chaplain: 910-440-1029/0560

Marine Raider Support Group Chaplain: 910-440-0708

Marine Raider Regiment Chaplain: 910-440-1113

1st Marine Raider Battalion Chaplain / 1st Marine Raider Support Group: 760-725-5174

2nd Marine Raider Battalion RPG / 2nd Marine Raider Support Group: 910-440-6717

3rd Marine Raider Battalion Chaplain / 3rd Marine Raider Support Group: 910-450-6342

Marine Special Operations School Chaplain: 910-440-1177




Navy Chaplains are available to provide assistance to service members and their families, and can help with:  
  • Religious instruction
  • Premarital counseling
  • Marriage/Family counseling                                 
  • Crisis intervention
  • Stress management                                 
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Spiritual direction                                
  • Values clarification
  • Someone to talk to in times of need
MARSOC volunteer events occur on a regular basis. Family members are cordially invited to participate. For more information, contact the MARSOC Chaplain's office at (910) 440-1029.