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Peer to Peer Mentorship Program


Peer to Peer Mentorship Program

Marine Forces Special Operations Command

Camp Lejeune, NC


What is the Peer to Peer Program
The program is comprised of MARSOC service members and family members who volunteer and receive training to become mentors and assist peers not only personally but also professionally. This program will also support individuals who are facing challenging times by connecting them with appropriate resources. The main intent is to optimize quality of life within the SOF community. Peer mentoring is defined as, “an intervention that leverages shared experience to foster trust, decrease stigma and create a sustainable forum for seeking help and sharing information about support resources and positive coping strategies.”
Why Peer Mentors
Peers are more likely to notice changes in behavior and personality of an individual. Peer Mentors also “speak the same language” as those they are helping as a result of shared work center culture and experiences. Peer support is also critical to unit cohesion, as well as confidence in leadership, which are critical factors in mitigating stressors. Although Peer Mentors can facilitate the resilience of an individual, a Peer Mentor is not a professional counselor. Some individuals may have needs that fall beyond the scope of a peer mentor and may require referral to a qualified professional.
A Mentor's Role

* To be a listening ear for SOF personnel and/or their families
 * To be a thoughtful facilitator who provides access to people and resources
 * To ensure that their mentee is receiving the support they need
 * To be a role model and advocate for resilience and seeking help


Program Manager


Peer Network Coordinators