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Civilian Employment



MARSOC civilian employment positions offer opportunities to work in a challenging, fast-paced environment and support our Marines, Sailors, and families. 

While you cannot use this MARSOC website to apply directly for a position, please click on the vacancies listed below to view a brief description of the position.   

Beginning on 1 May 2019, all applicants, regardless of whether they are applying to internal or external vacancy announcements, will be required to submit documentation that supports the eligibility and qualification claims made in your resume and assessment questionnaire.  You must submit the applicable documents listed here and those listed with the eligibilities you select in the announcement questionnaire with your application package.  Applicants who do not provide supporting documentation that fully support their claims will not be referred to the hiring manager.  Cover letter is optional.  Operations Centers will not accept documents after the closing date of the announcement.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that correct documentation is submitted at the time of application. 

A complete resume is required.  Your resume must show relevant experience, job title, duties and accomplishments.  Your resume must show complete information for each job entry to support minimum qualifications.  The following information must be provided in your resume, but it is acceptable to provide elsewhere in your application package:  employer's name, starting and end dates (Day/Mo/Yr), hours per week, and pay plan, series and grade level (e.g. GS-0201-09) for relevant federal experience.  TIP:  A good way to ensure you include all essential information is to use the Resume Builder in USAJOBS to create your resume.  The link to USAJOBS is

Are you applying for a promotion?  If you are a current GS employee applying for a higher grade than the grade that you currently hold, you must provide an SF-50 that shows that you have held the next lower grade for at least one year.  Some SF-50s effective with in the last 52 weeks will not demonstrate you have held the next lower grade for at lease one year (e.g. General Adjustment SF-50 from this year).  In many cases, we need to see two (2) SF-50s to determine time-in-grade and eligibility for promotion.  If you are a DoD employee, you can obtain a copy of your SF-50s from MyBiz

Are you a veteran claiming 5-point veteran's preference or claiming sole survivorship preference?  You must submit a copy of your latest DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (any copy that shows all dates of service, as well as character of service [Honorable, General, etc.] is acceptable) OR a VA letter that shows dates of service or service connected disability AND character of service.  If you have more than one DD-214 for multiple periods of active duty service, submit a copy for each period of service.  If you were issued a DD-215 to amend aforementioned information on the DD-214, you must submit that too.  If you are not sure of your preference eligibility, visit the Department of Labor's website: Veterans' Preference Advisor

Are you a disabled veteran or claiming 10-point veterans' preference?  If you are eligible to claim 10-point veterans preference, you must a DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty as described above for 5-point preference.  You must also provide the applicable supporting documentation of your disability (e.g. disability letter from the VA) as described on Standard Form-15 (SF-15).

Are you an active duty service member?  Active Duty Service Members are required to submit a statement of service printed on command letterhead and signed by the command.  The statement of service must provide the branch of service, rate/rank, all dates of service, the expected date of discharge and anticipated character of service [Honorable, General, etc.].

Appointments of retired members of the armed forces to positions within the Department of Defense will now need a waiver in order to start employment during the period of 180 days immediately after retirement.  Click here to review the Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR) Fact Sheet on 180 day retirement waivers.         

If you have questions regarding civilian job opportunities at MARSOC, please email



Application tips - We have heard from several candidates who got screened out recently from USAJOBS applications for a few reasons:

          1.  Current federal employees must demonstrate 'Time in Grade' (TIG).  Rule of thumb is more documentation is better, so the candidate should submit two SF-50's.  There has to be one year or more between the dates of the SF-50's submitted to show one year at the qualifying grade.  A 'Wage Grade Increase'/WGI SF-50 also works as it shows one year has passed and they got their next tenure based step increase.

          2.  Full-time status of previous employment.  Regardless of how obvious it may seem that a previous job is full-time (like a Project Engineer or Security Manager), the candidate must specifically include estimated hours per week in each job ON THE RESUME.  This must be at least 40 hours per week to get credit for full-time status... it can also be 50 + hours per week or more.   



Deployment Support Specialist GS-0301-09 - Reviewing Resumes 

Financial Management Analyst GS-0501-11/12 - Job Announcement Open 22 May 2023 - 26 May 2023

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate GS-0080-09 (3 Positions) - Pending Job Announcement

Updated:  23 May 2023 

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