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The potential future of Marine Corps Special Forces


MARSOF 2030:

Forces that cannot thrive in chaotic, complex operating environments will find the future to be an unforgiving place. To succeed organizations will be required to change their modes of thinking about problems, how they see themselves, and their willingness to pursue adaptations.

There are opportunities on the horizon for our organization that are natural extensions of present day strengths. Likewise, with thoughtful, focused effort and a willingness to embrace change, we can develop in ways that mitigate vulnerabilities and threats we expect to face.

The results of our futures analysis provide broad implications for the force as well as options from which MARSOC can shape its future capability to meet the challenges of the future operating environment. Throughout the wargames series, four discrete concepts or ‘themes’ consistently emerged. Each theme describes a distinct aspect of a vision for MARSOC, but at the same time builds upon the others such that the four are interconnected and mutually supporting. Together they provide a strong conceptual basis for a future MARSOC that evolves with the operating environment to remain a capable and credible force across warfighting and Title X functions. Collectively, these themes are the four, core pathways of innovation.

MARSOF as a Connector
Combined Arms for the Connected Arena
The Cognitive Operator
Enterprise Level Agility