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Public Affairs

The MARSOC Public Affairs Office acts as the principle liaison between MARSOC and the people we serve.  Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information regarding MARSOC activities and personnel.  We work to maintain a positive, transparent, two-way communication environment that supports the transfer of information and ideas. 

The Public Affairs Office provides support to members of the media through arranging interviews, photographs, and research assistance.  Community relations events are also coordinated through Public Affairs.  If you need information regarding MARSOC, please contact the Public Affairs Office at 910-440-0770/0119/0771 or via email at marsoc.pao@socom.mil.

Frequently Asked Questions
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A1.  As of 28 February 2010, there were 1,965 Marines, 180 Sailors, and 124 civilians assigned to MARSOC.  This is a total of 2271 personnel. 
A2.  U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC), as the U.S. Marine Corps Component of U.S. Special Operations Command, trains, organizes, equips and, when directed by the Commander, USSOCOM, deploys task-organized, scalable and responsive U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Forces in support of Combatant Commanders and other agencies. 
A3.  MARSOC forces are unique warrior-diplomats that are able to operate across the spectrum of force.  They are experts in utilizing the right force at the right time with the right effect.  MARSOC forces provide Foreign Internal Defense (FID), special reconnaissance, and direct action capabilities to commanders.  In other words, MARSOC Marines often train host-nation military groups, gather information about the enemy, and engage the enemy with lethal force when necessary.  
A4.  A minimum current PFT score of 225 (regardless of age) is required to attend Assessment and Selection. 
A5.  No.  The training and experience acquired during an assignment to MARSOC will make you highly competitive for promotion and retention. 
A6. There are a number of prerequisites required for service at MARSOC.  These vary based on the type of billet to which an individual is assigned.  All of the prerequisites for the various types of billets can be viewed on the MARSOC website under the “Recruiting” tab on the navigation bar.  Simply click on “Step 1” and then on the prerequisite list for the type of billet in which you are interested. 
A7.  Marines assigned to MARSOC will primarily be stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC, or Camp Pendleton, CA.  MARSOC is headquartered at Camp Lejeune.  The Marine Special Operations Regiment, the MARSOC Intelligence Battalion, and two of the three Marine Special Operations Battalions are also located at Camp Lejeune.  1st Marine Special Operations Battalion is located at Camp Pendleton, CA.  However, MARSOC personnel may be deployed around the world. 
A8.  Critical Skills Operators have a minimum tour requirement of 5 years.  Tour length for company grade officers is four years in addition to completing ITC.  Field grade officers have a tour length of three years. 
A9.  No.  However, critical skills operators may qualify for advanced training and certifications in areas such as Airborne, SCUBA, language, and emergency medical care based on future assignments. 
A10.  Successful special operations personnel possess an essential combination of maturity, mental agility, physical strength, and motivation.  These warriors tend to be slightly older than the military population in general. 
A11.  No.  Service at MARSOC is open to all Military Occupational Specialties. 
Media Resources
Media Resources are designed to provide valuable resources for members of the media.  If you do not find the form or information that you need on this site, you can always contact MARSOC Public Affairs directly at 910-440-0119 or 910-440-0770 or by email at marsoc.pao@socom.mil.