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Pet Policy & Guidance


Pet Restrictions

For more information please review MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJO 10570.1

All dogs and cats must be registered with the Domestic Animal Control Office (DACO), Building 979. DACO hours of operation are Monday through Friday 0700 to 1530. Registration hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 0800 to 1100.

1. Current on-base residents leasing an installation housing unit who have a pet or are acquiring a pet are required to complete a pet registration lease addendum and show proof of a civilian or military veterinarian certificate of required vaccinations; a copy will be provided to the DACO. The pet must be present and have a functioning microchip identification device inserted below the skin at the back of the neck between the shoulder blades on the dorsal midline. Prospective residents have five business days from the date 5 of the pet addendum to present their pet to the DACO to complete the registration process; the service member will take the registration information to the Family Housing Office (FHO), and a serialized pet decal will be issued. The decals will be affixed to the front door or a window that is visible from the front of the residence. Failure to register a pet will result in a citation. If a resident receives more than three citations, pet privileges can be suspended or terminated.

2. Proof of installation registration must be provided to the Appropriate Public Private Venture Landlord (APPVL) and FHO.

3. All dogs and cats will be re-registered annually with the DACO to ensure animals are up-to-date on all required inoculations and to ensure the pet is not potentially dangerous.

4. All dogs and cats must wear a collar with their current address and rabies inoculation tag.

Prohibited Canine Breeds

Full and mixed breeds of Pit Bulls (American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit-bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are considered a Pit Bull), Rottweiler, wolf hybrids, or any canine breed with dominant traits of aggression that present a risk to the health and safety of persons aboard the installation are prohibited as pets.

In case of mixed breeds and any other disputes, a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test from a licensed veterinarian is required at the expense of the owner. The animal must be removed immediately from the installation until the results of the DNA test are reviewed by the DACO.

Owners of prohibited canine breeds applying for housing will not be allowed to occupy quarters unless they surrender ownership of their prohibited pet(s).

The animal is required to be present during the registration process to confirm the animal and the paperwork for the animal match.

During the time of registration, if the dog demonstrates any aggressive behavior or dominant traits that would present an unreasonable risk to the safety of personnel aboard the installation, the animal will not be registered, and a recommendation to deny the animal aboard the installation will be sent to the AC/S, SES; PMO; FHO; and the APPVL. This refers to all canine breads.