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Marine Special Operations School

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

Camp Lejeune, NC
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Marine Special Operations School

The mission of the Marine Special Operations School (MSOS) is to assess and select personnel for assignment for Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and to train and educate designated personnel in individual, basic and advanced special operations in order to meet MARSOC's requirement for global tasking.

MSOS is tasked to:
(1) Conduct individual and basic training. 
(2) Conduct advanced special operations training.
(3) Conduct language and cultural training.
(4) Introduce and reinforce Personnel Resiliency (PERRES).
(5) Coordinate, via component, with Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) and Training and Education Command (TECOM) for higher level and Service training and education.
(6) As the component lead, develop and introduce Special Operations Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's) in coordination with component, Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR) and Marine Special Operations Support group (MSOSG).
(7) As the component lead, develop, evaluate and validate requirements for individual weapons, optics and other equipment in coordination with component G-3 and G-8.
(8) Perform required curriculum review and updates of training material for all assigned courses.

Marine Special Operations School - Leaders

Colonel Neil C. Schuehle
MSOS Commanding Officer

MGySgt Richard A. Wells
MSOS Senior Enlisted Advisor

Voting Assistance Officer
Please contact the MSOS Voter Assistant Officer (Mr. Bill Miller) for information on Voter Registration, Absentee Ballots, or the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) at 910-440-2725 or at MSOS Voter Assistant Officer.
MSOS Family Readiness

All family members of Marines please refer to EMarine for correspondence with the Family Readiness Officer. 

For further assistance the Marine Special
Operations School (MSOS) Family Readiness
Officer can be reached in the office at
910-440-0103 or e-mail at