MARSOF Advanced Sniper Course


MARSOF Advanced Sniper Course (MASC) is designed to train CSO’s or SOF equivalent MOS personnel in precision rifle fire to provide support to SOF operations. Training is designed to provide instruction in basic and advanced marksmanship techniques, field craft, Special Reconnaissance skills, urban and rural hide construction, urban movement and observation, high angle shooting, counter sniper techniques, ballistics testing, loophole construction and firing, aerial operations and close proximity engagement.

The MARSOF Advanced Sniper Course will take a CSO or SOF equivalent MOS personnel and train them to be an accredited SOF Level I Sniper capable of supporting SOF Operations.

The MARSOF Advance Sniper Course (MASC) consists of four (4) blocks of instruction:

Block One (1) – Classroom Instruction, basic marksmanship and field craft.

Block Two (2) – Target Engagement consisting of classroom instruction and advanced shooting techniques. Students will qualify during this block according to MARSOC / SOCOM sniper engagement standards.

Block Three (3) – Special Reconnaissance consisting of digital collections, technical observation, hide construction, urban movement and observation.

Block Four (4) – SOF Sniper Tactics consisting of high angle shooting, counter sniper, ballistics testing, loophole construction and shooting, aerial instruction and close proximity target engagement.

MASC is Ten (10) weeks long and is run two (2) times a year. Maximum class size is sixteen (16) students, minimum required number to run course is six (6) students.

Course Prerequisites are as follows:

  • Student must be a graduate of SOF entry level qualification course (ITC, SFQC, SQT and Ranger Regiment 11B).

  • Student must be a current rifle expert on Table 1 or service equivalent.

  • Current SOF physical and in a full duty status.

  • Student must have secret clearance with “Access” and no unresolved incident reports.