Medical Information


Medical Requirements for A&S and ITC

1. Candidates must have a completed NSW/SO physical with UMO signature, PHA with IMR, medical and dental records prior to reporting to A&S and ITC. This includes a Report of Medical History (DD Form 2807-1) and a Report of Medical Examination (DD Form 2808). The completed NSW/SO physical must be reviewed and countersigned by an Undersea Medical Officer prior to checking into MRTC. Because of limitations in time and resources, students with incomplete medical documentation will be IMMEDIATELY considered a medical drop from the course and returned to their parent commands.

2. The following studies must be completed within 3 months of the NSW/SO examination, unless otherwise specified. The results of these studies must be documented on the Report of Medical Examination (DD Form 2808):    

  • CBC

  • Fasting lipid panel

  • Fasting blood glucose

  • Urinalysis (clinical AND microscopy)

  • G6PD (drawn any time prior to A&S)

  • Sickle Cell (drawn any time prior to A&S)

  • Blood Type (drawn any time prior to A&S)

  • HIV (within the previous 2 years)

  • PPD (within the previous year)

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Chest X-Ray (PA and Lateral

  • Dental examination (must be Class I or II)

  • Audiogram (Refer to Article 15-38 of the MANMED for specific requirements)

  • Vision testing (Refer to Article 15-102 and 15-105 of the MANMED for specific requirements)

  • Documentation of a neurological examination on Block 42 to include mental status, cranial nerves, motor, sensory, coordination and deep tendon reflexes.

3. The following documents are provided as a reference. These documents may be printed out and completed by the medical provider performing your physical examination (highly suggested); however, there is no requirement to use these modified documents:

4. The following document is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that the Medical Department at MRTC has compiled. Please view this document prior to contacting the MRTC Medical Department with questions in regard to NSW/SO physical examinations.

5. The phone number for the MRTC Medical Department, located at the Charles Luke Milam Clinic, is 910-440-0011.