MRTC Instructor Qualification Course (MIQC)


Prerequisite:  Assignment as an instructor at Marine Raider training Center (MRTC).  

Purpose:  Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) will deploy forces in support of "Overseas Contingency Operations". It is imperative that Marine Special Operations Forces (MARSOF) develop Critical Skills Operators (CSO), (MOS 0372) to become proficient in certain specialized skills. In order to develop and enhance these specialized skills, competent instructors are required to deliver effective and efficient instruction. The Marine Raider Training Center Instructor Qualification Course (MIQC) will train instructors to prepare for, rehearse, and deliver formal instruction to promote student transfer of learning and to conduct after lesson actions in accordance with NAVMC 1553.1 Systems Approach to Training (SAT) Users Guide. Additionally, this course is designed to provide instructors with additional instructional methodologies to support instruction and career progression training within MARSOC. 

Scope:  The Marine Special Operations School Instructor Qualification Course (MIQC) encompasses various instructional methodologies, such as lecture, demonstration, practical application, guided discussion, role play, case study, and coaching techniques, as well as certifications in Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and High Risk Training (HRT). Additionally, MIQC students will be taught to mentor and counsel students, develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in students, and instill a positive attitude of adaptive decision making abilities.